Our Mission: Educate, Exceed Expectations and Help You Excel!

Here at Emerald Services, our clients are what’s most important. With years of experience in the tax industry, our leaders have certified and trained over 25 quality tax professionals who provide quality service.  We commitment ourselves to serving the needs of our clients and our community through a team of highly qualified professionals.

We go above and beyond to keep our clients at ease. Rest assured, our professionalism is top rated and so is our accuracy. We will review your current and prior year tax returns, for free, to ensure you’ve received the maximum refund allowed.

Our trained professionals carefully examine your filings for any mistakes, omissions, missed credits, and inaccurate filing statuses. All of our tax professionals are re-certified every year to stay knowledgeable in the ever changing tax laws.

Get Informed, Make the right decision!

Education is a powerful tool! We take the time and care to explain the “whys and why nots” so the client has a choice in how to proceed. At Emerald we make sure our clients understand the complexities that can arise when preparing tax returns so we can be on one accord, no matter which service we are providing. We also offer free tax topic seminars to shed light on some of the current industry issues.