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We pride ourselves in understanding our policyowners’ goals and commitments. Everyone at Emerald Services relates to the desire to provide for our families and make sure they’ll be taken care of if hardship arises. Whether the need is life insurance, disability insurance, or worksite insurance, we ground our business in honesty, service quality, fiscal responsibility, and genuine respect for every individual at every touchpoint.

Emerald Services have access to a wide selection of products including investment products, insurance, brokerage services and other solutions to help you meet your needs for education savings, protection, estate planning, retirement and more.
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It all starts with one conversation!

Meeting an agent is an opportunity for you to ask questions, talk about your long-term goals and current priorities and get to know each other.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important part of a strong financial plan and can help you accomplish many objectives. Consider your long-term financial outlook. Without your contributions, would your family be able to meet your goals? Get peace of mind today with life insurance protection.

How does life insurance work?

In its most basic form, when you purchase a life insurance policy, you are entering into an agreement to pay premiums in exchange for coverage in the form of a death benefit to your designated beneficiaries. You can customize your policy through policy features and additional benefits based on your financial needs and goals.

Do I need life insurance?

If there is anyone who depends on you financially or would take on a cost if you were to die, then you need life insurance. Many of us think of spouses or children when it comes to beneficiaries, but even single people with no children have final expenses that would need to be addressed.

Death is hard enough. Your loved ones should have peace-of-mind to focus on your memory, not your burdens!